. “Burning the Letters” (prose poem)–published in The Magnolia Review, Vol. 7 Issue 1, March 2023.

Two Poems (“New Rules for Golf” and “Sad Bastard”)–Published in the Bindweed anthology Midsummer Madness 2022. Purchase here.

“Head of the Metolius–Published in The Big Windows Review, Oct. 12, 2021.

“Ode to LBJs”–Published in Poetic Sun Issue 2, June 2021

“What Kind of Silence”–Published in Cacti Fur, June 2, 2021

“Six Poems”–Published in Dodging the Rain April 1, 2021

“The NASA Scientist at Muir Trail Ranch”–Published in Third Wednesday Spring 2021

“Five Poems”–Published in Scarlet Lake Journal November 2020

“Conversation”–Published in Blue Lake Review July 2020

“The Big Yard”–Published in Mom Egg Review March 2020

“Beggars”–Published in Ariel Chart February 2020

“Lament”–Published in Oddball Magazine Oct. 2018

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