“Confiteor”–published by Agapanthus Collective, September 2022.

“Flight”–Published by Burn Before Reading, Summer 2022.

“Liver Failure“–Published by Backchannels Journal, Issue 10, Winter 2022.

“Survivors”–Published in Prospectus Issue 5, Winter/Spring 2022.

“Daredevil”–Published by Catamaran, Winter 2021. Purchase here.

“Killing Stephen Miller,”–published in the anthology US/THEM, Oct. 31, 2021. Purchase here or on Amazon.

“Samara” (Play)–Published by Masque & Spectacle, September 1, 2021

“Office Party”-Published by Evening Street Review No. 29, Mid-Spring 2021. Purchase here.

“Sisters of Mercy”–Published by Monday Night Spring 2021

“Teachable Moment”–Published by Scarlet Leaf Journal November 2020

“Bad Neighbor”–published by Avalon Literary Review Fall 2020.

“Ninja”-published by Umbrella Factory Issue 42 May 2020.

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