Joy Ride”–published by Halfway Down the Stairs, June 2023.

“Prom Duty”–published by Green Silk Journal, Fall 2022.

“Confiteor”–published by Agapanthus Collective, September 2022.

“Flight”–Published by Burn Before Reading, Summer 2022.

“Liver Failure“–Published by Backchannels Journal, Issue 10, Winter 2022.

“Survivors”–Published in Prospectus Issue 5, Winter/Spring 2022.

“Daredevil”–Published by Catamaran, Winter 2021. Purchase here.

“Killing Stephen Miller,”–published in the anthology US/THEM, Oct. 31, 2021. Purchase here or on Amazon.

“Samara” (Play)–Published by Masque & Spectacle, September 1, 2021

“Office Party”-Published by Evening Street Review No. 29, Mid-Spring 2021. Purchase here.

“Sisters of Mercy”–Published by Monday Night Spring 2021

“Teachable Moment”–Published by Scarlet Leaf Journal November 2020

“Bad Neighbor”–published by Avalon Literary Review Fall 2020.

“Ninja”-published by Umbrella Factory Issue 42 May 2020.

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