About me

I retired at the age of 63 after thirty-six years as a high school English teacher and administrator. It was a life of service–that’s how I conceived it then–and I decided that in retirement I would live just for myself. (I do volunteer work, but that work too is just for myself. Complicated.) Living just for myself means above all writing.

When I was a young man I dreamed of a life as a writer, but it did not come to pass. Another life, just as good, happened. Now, in retirement, with a pension, nothing prevents me from sitting at my laptop for several hours every morning, early, as the sun comes up, and pursuing a literary life. So I do that.

This website exists as a pasture for stories and poems that have achieved their purpose (publication)–a place where they can graze in peace and grow old. Maybe children and kind folks will come pet them and feed them carrots. That would be fine.

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